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12 Nov

A Pisa come a casa

A Pisa come a casa. È il titolo e il corpo di una recensione che ci ha lasciato un ospite. Breve e pieno di significato come un Haiku giapponese. Ci ha lasciato un sorriso dal gusto lungo.
11 Nov

Pisa official tourism promo video

This video, made by a well-known local media production team based here in Pisa, shows off some of the atmosphere and the unmistakable landmarks that make this city so charming. Well, to be honest I find that the two testimonials chosen are definitely the target audience which every tourist operator would love to host: the middle aged couple really looks like they are going to spend lots of money in town! Personally I think that the average tourist coming to my beloved city is another kind. Maybe I am just too biased by looking through the lens of my experience,...
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